Hi there!

For almost two months I haven’t been writing. Time has been flying by during these past two months …

So what have I been doing? Well too much! Exam preparation, following a photography course, my new addiction… A Midori. Hmmm what more…. O and of course I will be leaving in one month to Peru for seven months! All by myself! Of course I expect a lovely welcome from my family over there, but I am stressed since I have to arrange so many things. Just a few of them are:

  • I need to move all my stuff from my room in Amsterdam to my parents’ house.
  • Insurances, insurances and again insurances. Repatriation, ‘to return your body to the country of birth’. Well I am not planning to die in Peru…
  • Vaccinations. I need a lot of those…
  • Applying for grants which is a lot of work. Start on time!
  • Arranging a goodbye party.

So my next step is Peru, leaving my lovely friends and family behind. I need to accept that their lives will continue without me (for seven months) and I will experience new adventures, obstacles and victories.
I will make a lot of pictures and will write a lot of stories in my Midori. Of course I will try to post a story at least once a week on my wordpress- account. However, I already know that I will spend a month in Cusco and one month in the Amazon and then I will be probably busy with other things.

Let me tell you a little bit more about my new addiction. My boyfriend gave me a customized version of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook as a present for writing all my travel stories in it.



“Midori means the ‘green’ colour in Japanese, the simple story is that the company is always going forward, ahead and grow. The real story is that after WWII, the founder looked at desolated lands and found a small green leaf living strong, touched by the dramatic scene, the founder named his company Midori to retain that spirit, to thrive in difficult times, to grow against all odds, to foster new life. The true story is not being told because the war topic is a sensitive history to mention, so it is the simple version they use nowadays.”


Last week I went to Angela, she made my Midori with love and passion. I visited her at her house which was close to all my favourite bars and restaurant in Amsterdam. It appeared that we share the same addiction. We were so busy that we lost track of time and she forgot to pick up her daughter from school. (No worries her daughter is a young independent woman)

My Midori will become more than just a diary or travel journal. It will become a masterpiece/object of art 😀

If you want to have a Midori yourself with beautiful inserts, please let me know and I will give you Angela’s email address.

Hope to write a ‘passage of life’ for you soon.

Lots of love,



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