Final Countdown

In the meantime I have crossed out a lot of my list:

  • Vaccinations are done.
  • Goodbye party is given.
  • Exams are done.
  • Arranged all the insurances.
  • Applied on grants.
  • Arranged my language course and stay in Cusco.
  • Arranged my trips to Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake.
  • Arranged my stay at Esperanza Verde.

Nine more days to go and I will be flying to Peru. As you can see above, a lot of things have been arranged. However, the most important is not arranged yet: my student VISA. This is giving me so much stress! The past two months I have been sending emails to my contact person of the international department, like twice a week. I even called them this week and spoke to her boss and the only thing he said…I understand that you are stressed but don’t stress out. I mean HELLOOOO….I need the VISA before I leave and also need to pick it up at the embassy in Amsterdam. What are they doing at the international department of USIL? Sleeping or a siesta of 24 hours?

Additionally, my doctor told me that I didn’t need an official document for my medicines because there is no opium in it. After calling with the consulate they told me that I do need to have the official document and that I needed to go to court to legalize the document with an apostille. So this week I went to the doctor, the organization CAK and to court.

Moreover, I arranged my language course in Cusco from 3 July until 31 July. I will follow an intensive Spanish course to improve my Spanish. This is also needed because some of my classes are in Spanish when I start university. I have chosen to stay in a host family and I really hope they have internet so I can post my pictures.

Finally, one of the most exciting things I will do is arranged. My three-week stay at Esperanza Verde. This non-profit organisation is a conservation project in the Amazon basin of Peru, consisting of both wildlife rescue and rainforest protection. In Pucallpa many wildlife species find their way into the local markets to be sold either for food or as pets. Because this is illegal, many animals are regularly confiscated. These animals need a home for the rest of their lives and, if possible, need rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild. When realized, Esperanza Verde Rescue Centre will be able to receive confiscated animals as well as animals from private persons who, for various reasons, realized these animals are unfit to be pets. In the rescue centre they will find a new home, and if possible will be taught how to live again in their natural habitat under semi-free conditions.

As a volunteer you will help in all ongoing construction, helping build enclosures and the quarantine and veterinary clinic. Other tasks are mapping the area, and participating in their reforestation project by replanting among other things, fruit trees that originate from the area.  Caretaking of the animals is one of the most important daily tasks, making sure that they are all kept fed, the enclosures clean and healthy.

One of the biggest challenges for me is living rather primitively, as there is no electricity and no hot water. Some solar electricity is available to charge batteries or computers. The biggest city nearby is Pucallpa (about 3 hours away), but the town of Curimana is closer, about 1 hour away and you can find most necessities there. So, I will be pretty far in the jungle. However, I expect the surroundings to be beautiful.

Check out their volunteer page and video clips. I think this will be an amazing challenge and experience.

Today and tomorrow I will be moving all my stuff back to my parents house and spending my last few days here with them and my lovely boyfriend and not to forget…packing my suitcases.



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