Mistura 2015

P1150935Last Wednesday I went with my friend Anna to Mistura. This is the largest international food fair in Latin America. It is a great cultural festival, where Peruvians celebrate their rich culinary tradition and amazing biodiversity. It was held from September 4-13 in Lima: Ten days of flavour and colour from all the regions of Peru.

We went on Wednesday after school to avoid the big crowds in the weekends. We were lucky because there were almost no lines. In the Gran Mercado they sold specialty products from all the regions of Peru. There were potatoes, camu camu, fruits, stevia, cheeses, hams, quinoa, chia, different peppers, chocolate etc.  There were 12 other “gastronomic worlds” such as fish, local beers, BBQ and sweets &chocolate.

It was so big that we didn’t know where to start but we were both extremely hungry! Eventually we decided to eat Pachamanca. It has a traditional way of cooking that dates back to the Inca Empire. Pachamanca is the combination of two words in the Quechua language: pacha, for earth and manka for pot. To make one, “you basically make a pot in the earth”.  We were able to see how they made big hole dugs in the ground in which they cooked up entire meals. We ate alpaca and chancho.


After we finished it was time for some Sweet stuff! We tried Quinua ice which was delicious, strawberries with pure chocolate and quinoapops, a big cookie with lucuma and honey. I couldn’t resist buying a coconut and drunk the delicious coconut water while Anna preferred a moustache cocktail. We danced and sang during the performance of a band. Watched how some guys were dancing salsa and we couldn’t stop looking. It was so amazing and we both agreed that guys in our countries definetly miss that great rhythm.


After the concert we stand in line for 25 minutes to try the famous Chancho Al Palo.  It was definetly worth it. It was DE-LI-CI-OUS!!!!  We ended the day with ice cream and Arroz con leche.  We gained 6 kilo’s, we were happy, satisfied and we had an amazing dayP1150947P1160041P1160017 P1160022 P1160029 P1160005 P1150993 P1150985



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