FOAM Amsterdam

Through Babylonixour student association from the International Business School, we went to the FOAM photography museum.

We went to see a very special photography collection of the noble Van Loon family.The Van Loon photo collection consists of historic interior photography and of both historic and contemporary portrait photography. Renowned artists have portrayed family members: from Felix Nadar and Studio Merkelbach to recently Koos Breukel and Erwin Olaf. From the historic collection it becomes evident that the Van Loon’s preferred internationally established photographers who were commissioned by European royalty and families of name.

It showed the preferences of high society in the 20th century. Highlights were some series of portraits the family had made around the year 1900 by arguably the most famous portraitist of the 19th and early 20th century: Felix Nadar.

Also, the historic development and relation between painted portraiture and portrait photography becomes apparent. The Van Loon family commissioned painted portraits well into the 20th century. From the 19th century onwards photographs have been made in addition; from pre WW II formal cartes de visites, studio portraits, children’s portraits and family albums to a more personal atmosphere in the post war era.

Afterwards we did a portrait photography workshop. We learned how to make a special portrait with a digital camera.We played with light, shadows and attributes. See the pictures below 🙂