FOAM Amsterdam

Through Babylonixour student association from the International Business School, we went to the FOAM photography museum.

We went to see a very special photography collection of the noble Van Loon family.The Van Loon photo collection consists of historic interior photography and of both historic and contemporary portrait photography. Renowned artists have portrayed family members: from Felix Nadar and Studio Merkelbach to recently Koos Breukel and Erwin Olaf. From the historic collection it becomes evident that the Van Loon’s preferred internationally established photographers who were commissioned by European royalty and families of name.

It showed the preferences of high society in the 20th century. Highlights were some series of portraits the family had made around the year 1900 by arguably the most famous portraitist of the 19th and early 20th century: Felix Nadar.

Also, the historic development and relation between painted portraiture and portrait photography becomes apparent. The Van Loon family commissioned painted portraits well into the 20th century. From the 19th century onwards photographs have been made in addition; from pre WW II formal cartes de visites, studio portraits, children’s portraits and family albums to a more personal atmosphere in the post war era.

Afterwards we did a portrait photography workshop. We learned how to make a special portrait with a digital camera.We played with light, shadows and attributes. See the pictures below 🙂































Proeverij De Waag – Delft

This restaurant is very special to me. It is the place where I had my first date with my boyfriend about ten months ago.

We were supposed to eat in the normal cafe but due to a staff member who wasn’t able to process a reservation – we ended up in the a la carte restaurant. (Thanks for making this mistake, I mean reallllllly thank you)

I received a SPAM email with information about the”Heerlijk 10 Daagse”. It was from the 21 to the 30 of November. I checked if De Waag was on the list and they where on it! 25 euros for a three- course menu. Excellent deal!

To me this is the BEST Restaurant in Delft! You will taste perfect combinations. The service is great and professional and the food is delicious! De Waag has an aesthetic and sober interior. Culinary pleasures in a historical ambiance.


Red gurnard, m’hamsa, ink fish, harrissa mayonnaise, fennel, asparagus, sesame tuille, cucumber yuzu mousse.



Second starter:  
We had the option to choose between fish or meat.



Medium roasted duck breast, painted in soy sauce, layered cake, wild  mushroom, green mustard muslin, gravy made of lemongrass.


Brownie with caramel cream, muscovado ice-cream, balsamic syrup, caramelized nuts.

Don’t laugh about my funny Dutch-English translation of the menu hahaha 🙂

Check out their website:

Red Light District

Dear readers,
Sorry for not writing earlier. It has been very busy at the Tesla HQ. Here is my new story:

What was once a dark and seedy part of town has turned into Amsterdam pride itself; “De Rossebuurt/ de Wallen also known as the Red Light District”.

The Red Light District has a long history of love and hatred. It all started around the 1960s with window prostitution. Thanks to the sexual revolution, the amount of windows grew rapidly.

You might wonder why it is called the Red Light District? It’s because of the red glow at night due to the red lighting of brothels, windows and clubs.B-P1060450

For tourists it is the area of alcohol, drugs and sex. It is very likely that you have heard about this neighbourhood and to be frank, everything you will have heard is probably true, but it is best to check it out yourself  Come down at night when de district really comes to life. It is definitely worth visiting!

You can relax and taste the warm atmosphere day after day. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city I live in.

I have a special connection to this area. One of my best friends used to live there. I always get this question, so if you were wondering if she is a prostitute.., the answer is NO (she is only the coolest lesbian I know and happens to be one of my best friends).

That’s also a great thing I learned there; By Juulsz (my friend) living there I learned to embrace and have no judgements on the fact that people may be into prostitution, do drugs or pornography- they are all human – like you and me.

I remembered the first time I went there, on my own… My mom hysterical! “Why did they move to that area? It is so not safe there!” She was so afraid that something might happen to me which made me scared for that area. Therefore, Juulsz promised my mom to pick me up at Amsterdam Central Station. A new world opened to me! I experienced THAT amazing feeling that tourists feel.

Juulsz and her mom gave the coolest, nicest, extraordinary parties I have ever been to. We sung, we danced, we laughed, we cried, we talked; we did almost everything at these parties. I learned a lot about sexP1050926uality, acceptance and so much more! I met so much loving people with different backgrounds; prostitutes, actors and so on…

Do you recognize this guy? Hint: Game of Thrones…

Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo

Now, eight years later, I experience a different kind of joy. I can honestly say that I feel like home when I walk through this area. I enjoy watching people; see couples holding hands and pointing in shock, Japanese and Chinese tourists that don’t understand that they are not allowed to take pictures of the ladies or all the groups of male tourists that walk step-by-step to check out every prostitute.

It’s really what you see is what you get. Except for the Amsterdam Banana Bar… You don’t eat bananas there. Exactly what goes on in this place is up to you to discover, if you wish hahaha!


You can find window prostitution in the following streets: Barndesteeg, Bethlhemsteeg, Bloedstraat, Dollebegijnensteeg, Enge Kerksteeg, Goldbergersteeg, Gordijnensteeg, Molensteeg, Monnikenstraat, Oudekerksplein, Oudekennissteeg, Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Oudezijds Voorburgwal, Sint Annendwarsstraat, Sint Annenstraat, Stoofsteeg en de Trompettersteeg.


Here are a view tips if you want to visit the Red Light District:
– Enjoy the street scene.
– Visit the Cannabis museum
– See the Old Church, it’s the oldest church in the city
– Do not take photos of the occupied windows
– Watch out for pick-pockets
– Visit the Condomerie – It is a kingdom of condoms. You can get here all colours, shapes, sizes and flavours. Some are even hand painted but are for decoration only.

Just remember that the Red Light District is certainly not a dangerous place to stay. It is actually quite safe and a well-controlled part of the city of Amsterdam.

I want to thank Juulsz and her mom for all the great parties they gave at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal!




The official entry of St. Nicholas a.k.a. Sinterklaas was on the 15th of November in Gouda. Afterwards he came to Winterswijk by train… Yes I wrote it correctly… by train…
In the 21 years that I exist I never saw Sinterklaas having his entry by train… always by boat. Therefore I was quite curious how such a Sinterklaas entry would be like. I decided to go and be a child again for one afternoon.

Back in time- when I sat in the stroller along the road waiting for St. Nicholas- I was terrified for Zwarte Piet. As I got older this fear disappeared and I wanted to be one of them. It was a carefree children festivity.

Since one year ago our tradition has been under the watchful eye of the rest of the world. It became a big discussion- racism- even the UN interfere in our tradition. Unbelievable!

Around this time of the year – you get a special feeling. A feeling of joy and excitement because you know HE is coming. I might be older now but still you can find me at the entry of St. Nicholas every year.
This year the feeling was different, there was some feeling of fear and unpleasant excitement.

Me, my friends and acquaintances talked a lot about this subject the past weeks. My Facebook account had an overflow of messages regarding this subject and opinions… My “white” and “black” friends – Dutch citizen or foreigners- all agreed that this party has nothing to do with racism. It is a tradition and Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet were always seen as the friends of a child.

I will give you a short coverage of the official entry of St. Nicholas in Gouda: The Dutch authorities had decided to have different kind of “Zwarte Pieten”: black, white, cheese heads and stroopwafel heads etc.
People were allowed to demonstrate in favor or against Zwarte Piet on designated spots in the city but they decided to go against the rules and demonstrated at the big square of the official entry. 90 media_xll_2610736people got arrested. Outrageous! It’s supposed to be a celebration for children and now some were standing in the middle of fights of protestors. How can you yell as a grown up to a four-year old with a face covered in black make-up that he is a racist? That while the child is too young to understand what racism is and doesn’t understand why adults are screaming at him at something what supposed to be a party? I don’t understand why some people do that or want to achieve by doing this to a child?

Now some countries say that we are a county of racism…
A county that has so many different cultures…
A county that helps and give new homes to refugees…
A country that builds mosques and churches…
A country that supports and encourages gay marriages…
A country that gives millions to charity…
A country that is willing to help everyone…
Now we have one pure Dutch tradition and even that one is changed to make everyone happy. So who gets discriminated?

The entry of St. Nicholas was a success in Winterswijk; All children were happy, no fights, no demonstrations – nothing –just how it should be…A special celebration

(Really curious what your opinion is on this whole situtation – leave a reply 🙂 )






The great places of Delft

Verkade & Jacques a.k.a. Kaas& wijn (Cheese and Wine)

In the city center you can find Verkade & Jacques which is a specialist in cheese, wine, meats and delicacies. Every season they have new products. B-P1060507From Monday till Saturday you can buy great sandwiches. As you can imagine – I was starving after my Zumba class.

We needed to wait for 10 minutes but it was all worth it! We ordered 2 big sandwiches with nice mushroom tapenade with rolled roast. Delicious! In total we paid less than 5 euros.

I noticed that everyone was patient and the employees provided excellent service towards their customers.

Check out their website:

B-P1060518 B-P1060506
Close to Verkade & Jacques you can find Dille & Kamille. Here you can buy B-P1060523products and attributes for your home, kitchen and garden.
Indispensable basics and nice gadgets to pamper yourself or as gifts. Everything has a nice authentic design. The products speak for itself.

The pleasure of beautiful service, ease of kitchen tools that is good in the hand, the seductive scent of herbal tea, the softness of soap.
A special emphasis on an everyday product.
That’s what makes life enjoyable. That’s Dille & Kamille.
B-P1060533 b-bb




It was extremely crowded on a Saturday afternoon but still there was some calmness. For students it is quite expensive to buy products of Dille & Kamille.

Check out their website:

Not but not least and definitely a must go when you are in Delft!!!!!! Go to KEK- Delft!
The BEST coffee and crafts bar. You would easily pass this little bar. It was crowded and every table was taken. When we entered a couple just left their table close to the window. I dumped my bag on the seat to claim this little spot.B-P1060548


I was fascinated by the design, the things you are able to buy and the amazing vibe! Good background music and the buzz of people in the back of the bar. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly. No fake laughs of the staff just genuine smiles.

My boyfriend ordered an ice coffee and a butterscotch cheesecake. B-P1060579
I took a sweet cinnamon coffee with a piece of Guiness Chocolate pie.
We waited 15 minutes for our order but we didn’t notice that. When we entered we went immediately on relax mode.


The pies! Don’t leave without ordering a piece. They taste like heaven! No lies- REALLY!
If KEK was located in Amsterdam, I would have a huge problem.. (20 kilos of pies on my hips woepsss)

We spent less than 15 euros on 2 pieces of pie and special coffees.

Check out their Facebook page:

b-P1060575 B-P1060577

The Amsterdam Sunday Market – A great place to go

I live in the ‘great’ city of Amsterdam since January this year.
Unfortunately I never really took the time to explore this great city.

Normally I am always busy with work, school, family, my boyfriend, friends and so on… Today I finally took a day for myself. Only me – it felt so great! Everyone should do that once in a while.

I decided to sleep late; Have not done that for years!
It was a beautiful October day; The sun was shining, perfect temperature, almost everyone smiling because of the great weather.
By the way that is a typical thing for Dutchies, when the sun is shining everyone goes out and sits on a terrace or enjoys the great weather elsewhere.

I decided to go to the Sunday market in Amsterdam, it’s once a month.
The perfect place for a laid-back Sunday afternoon.
Today was actually the first time I went there but already one of my favorite places to go.

It was on the site of the Westergasfabriek; Great area with a good vibe.
There were much different kind of booths. You had stands filled with vintage clothes and attributes, handmade wooden furniture, designer hats and delicious food.
In addition there where great things to do; There were workshops on knitting, you were able to get a manicure or get a new haircut, an old-school carousel for the kids. Everything was possible. A great place for upcoming designers and entrepreneurs to show their unique businesses.

Stupid me…I didn’t brought any cash. If you are planning to go to this market definitely make a pit stop at an ATM machine.
My budget for today was 80 Euros. I was not searching for anything in particular, just in case I find something amazing…

There was a vintage stand with everything made of fur; coats, shoes, rugs and much more. Okay, so don’t judge me on this!
I am a huge animal lover and in this century no animal should be killed for their skin. However, I am a supporter of re-use also in case of fur coats.
I remembered my grandmother having a beautiful soft fur coat – now it is my moms. It’s still in good condition and this type of jacket will keep you warm even in the coldest winters. I found a beautiful coat, grey-coloured, delicate and warm. I bought it. I preferred to spend 60 Euros on a second-hand fur coat that I can use for decades instead of buying a coat for more or less the same price that I can use for one or two years.
AND… of course not to mention if I buy a jacket for 60 Euros in a random shop there is a big chance that the jacket is made somewhere in Asia by a child, working under horrible circumstances in a dark factory for 18 hours a day!
So WHO is the hypocrite?
(Just my point of view)

My second purchase was a handmade, Bordeaux red, hat. Only 15 Euros! As you can imagine as a real ‘hats’ person, I was really happy!

My third and final purchase were two Pasticciotto cakes. It was at a booth with only traditional Italian patisseries. The owner told me they just started a few days ago. I tasted a piece of heaven instead of a little piece of the Pasticciotto. It makes one’s mouth water! For sure I will try and buy more of their food but first…they need to create a website… The name of their future company is MissRossi – Italian Food & Passion-
You really taste the passion, care and love in their food.

Finally I made a walk through the park. It was great.

The Sunday Market is definitely a must-go when you are in Amsterdam.
Not many tourists more locals. A great place to go.

Enjoy the pictures



P1060041 P1050981