Proeverij De Waag – Delft

This restaurant is very special to me. It is the place where I had my first date with my boyfriend about ten months ago.

We were supposed to eat in the normal cafe but due to a staff member who wasn’t able to process a reservation – we ended up in the a la carte restaurant. (Thanks for making this mistake, I mean reallllllly thank you)

I received a SPAM email with information about the”Heerlijk 10 Daagse”. It was from the 21 to the 30 of November. I checked if De Waag was on the list and they where on it! 25 euros for a three- course menu. Excellent deal!

To me this is the BEST Restaurant in Delft! You will taste perfect combinations. The service is great and professional and the food is delicious! De Waag has an aesthetic and sober interior. Culinary pleasures in a historical ambiance.


Red gurnard, m’hamsa, ink fish, harrissa mayonnaise, fennel, asparagus, sesame tuille, cucumber yuzu mousse.



Second starter:  
We had the option to choose between fish or meat.



Medium roasted duck breast, painted in soy sauce, layered cake, wild  mushroom, green mustard muslin, gravy made of lemongrass.


Brownie with caramel cream, muscovado ice-cream, balsamic syrup, caramelized nuts.

Don’t laugh about my funny Dutch-English translation of the menu hahaha 🙂

Check out their website:


The great places of Delft

Verkade & Jacques a.k.a. Kaas& wijn (Cheese and Wine)

In the city center you can find Verkade & Jacques which is a specialist in cheese, wine, meats and delicacies. Every season they have new products. B-P1060507From Monday till Saturday you can buy great sandwiches. As you can imagine – I was starving after my Zumba class.

We needed to wait for 10 minutes but it was all worth it! We ordered 2 big sandwiches with nice mushroom tapenade with rolled roast. Delicious! In total we paid less than 5 euros.

I noticed that everyone was patient and the employees provided excellent service towards their customers.

Check out their website:

B-P1060518 B-P1060506
Close to Verkade & Jacques you can find Dille & Kamille. Here you can buy B-P1060523products and attributes for your home, kitchen and garden.
Indispensable basics and nice gadgets to pamper yourself or as gifts. Everything has a nice authentic design. The products speak for itself.

The pleasure of beautiful service, ease of kitchen tools that is good in the hand, the seductive scent of herbal tea, the softness of soap.
A special emphasis on an everyday product.
That’s what makes life enjoyable. That’s Dille & Kamille.
B-P1060533 b-bb




It was extremely crowded on a Saturday afternoon but still there was some calmness. For students it is quite expensive to buy products of Dille & Kamille.

Check out their website:

Not but not least and definitely a must go when you are in Delft!!!!!! Go to KEK- Delft!
The BEST coffee and crafts bar. You would easily pass this little bar. It was crowded and every table was taken. When we entered a couple just left their table close to the window. I dumped my bag on the seat to claim this little spot.B-P1060548


I was fascinated by the design, the things you are able to buy and the amazing vibe! Good background music and the buzz of people in the back of the bar. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly. No fake laughs of the staff just genuine smiles.

My boyfriend ordered an ice coffee and a butterscotch cheesecake. B-P1060579
I took a sweet cinnamon coffee with a piece of Guiness Chocolate pie.
We waited 15 minutes for our order but we didn’t notice that. When we entered we went immediately on relax mode.


The pies! Don’t leave without ordering a piece. They taste like heaven! No lies- REALLY!
If KEK was located in Amsterdam, I would have a huge problem.. (20 kilos of pies on my hips woepsss)

We spent less than 15 euros on 2 pieces of pie and special coffees.

Check out their Facebook page:

b-P1060575 B-P1060577