Harrods – Shopping Mecca!

Harrods is a wonderful store that offers anything when it comes to luxury items. It offers the finest foods, and delicacies but also toys, electronics, clothing, perfumes, watches and much, much, more. It is a great place for “window shopping” and creating ideas. If you want to shop like a king or queen; this is the place to go! Be prepared to walk away with an empty wallet.


To me, everything was eye candy! Everything was sooo pristine that I didn’t dare to touch the merchandise (except for the shoes of course!) One thing I did not like about Harrods is that it’s one big maze! Harrods is like IKEA multiplied by 5 and then only with exclusive, high end stuff. I recommend them to make a big map on every floor.

My UK colleagues advised me to go and see the Christmas decorations and
BB1070661the Toy Kingdom. Well I have to admit it is a place of wonder and magic! Even my parents relived their childhood. It had different sections within the department to provide diverse toys to every type of child. There were reading rooms, princess dresses, science stuff, candy, Lego, stuffed animals and much more. It was amazing!

This high end luxury store even has a SHOE HEAVEN! And I really thought I walked into heaven. You BB1070591should know… I have a shoe addiction and own over 100 pairs of shoes and they were having sale which made it even harder not to buy any shoes! It was crowded and some girls were seriously fighting about some heels. It was amazing to see something like that! At one point I was a bit overwhelmed and my parents and boyfriend dragged me out of heaven…


You should visit Harrods definitely during Christmas and once during the rest of the year. Pay some attention to the great Egyptian escalators and store displays.

If you have just a small amount of time in London and you want to go to Harrods, just visit the toy department, food hall and shoe heaven.



Spitalfields Market

The UK; known for its Fish and Chips, Pies, Yorkshire Pudding, Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, London Eye, Cricket and Rugby.

Two UK colleagues of mine gave me great tips of where to go when it is your first time in London.

Spitafields Market was on the list and I can tell you this place is quite essential to get the full London experiences.  It is a great market in a fun and interesting part of London which is not yet fully discovered by tourists.


Sunday is THE DAY to go! So plan your trip around it. If you are not able to go on a Sunday… NO PANIC; the market is open every day of the week. Sunday night we flew back to the Netherlands so we had only limited time to visit this amazing market. So many stalls to peruse, I could easily spend an entire day here with my mom.

This is the place where you can find original, 1-of-a-kind unique items and interesting to take home with you. Designed and crafted by the people themselves. I bought a handmade leather head and cufflinks made of old coins from 1949.

This is THE place you should avoid when you get your salary deposit or when you have a lot of cash. I can assure you, you will spend money to buy some original treasures that will bring back great memories about London. (Therefore, always try to bargain!)


It is really a maze of stands where you can find goods from – long and short coats in wool, felt and all kinds of stunning materials, scarves, caps, skirts & dresses, belts & kick-a** t-shirt designs.. Check out the cool sweaters we bought for Christmas!
AND JEWELRY! From hand painted to custom fitted to your wishes by the designer themselves.



The food is quite good at the market. You can buy breads, cheeses, pastries, candy, cookies, cakes, nuts, spices – and much more! Inside there is something for everyone, there is a wide variety of stalls and restaurants that really draw your eye.



It is just a great place to hang around and grab a coffee or lunch. The atmosphere is always lively, a great place to socialize but overall the BEST PLACE to watch people! You might spot a fashionable hipster, an uber-cool punk dude, the old grandma, school kids, the business woman or a single tourist.

Around the Spitalfields Market you will find a lot of cool local, vintage shops which are worth visiting!

The nearest tube is Liverpool Street Station (red-line) . For more information about the Spitalfield Market and events; Click here