Me Myself and I

Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I can tell you a lot about myself and write a whole story about my past and current life. However, I secretly hope you want to become a daily reader and therefore I will keep it short and simple;

  • My name is Chantalle and I am 21 years old
  • Student International Business and Languages in Amsterdam
  • Communications intern at one of the world’s most innovative companies 2014 – according to the Boston Consulting Group
  • Living in Amsterdam but always traveling
  • Very interested in other cultures, habits and languages
  • I like to network, watch movies, travel , cook and read

My biggest inspiration and idol; my mom!

She is the most amazing person I know. Always ready to help others and is a real go-getter, she never gives up.

Here in the Netherlands I have a small family but the rest is spread around the world. Most of my family members are located in one of the most beautiful countries in the world; Peru.

Here it is only my mom, dad and me… AND NOT TO FORGET my lovely, cute animals; Indy and Knabbel & Babbel

My dog Tijgertje recently passed away but deserves a spot on my blog. He was amazing!  A dog with a real ‘human’ personality.









-My mom my biggest inspiration!-      -The whole family-

konijn IMG_3180






-My rabbits Knabbel&Babbel-                         -My puppy Indy-







– My lovely dog Tijgertje-








-Working for company number 7 –


One thought on “Me Myself and I

  1. Chantalle just follow your dreams. We are always proud for what you do.You are an amazing woman.lot of kisses Peter and your mom:D


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